27 TH MARCH 2022







Jingjingle, a sustainable designer brand, is established in Shanghai in 2022.

 The designers are the masters of the combination of modern technology and traditional craft, and have a deep exploration of textile design. They are fully devoted to the 

 design of clothes that are extremely comfortable, hardwearing and with a strong sense of design. The designers believe that the combination of handmade embroidery 

 and traditional craft provides clothes with a much better texture, which makes them more vital and artistic. 

 JINGJINGLE believes that, our life provides inspiration and power for the recreation of art. Based on the concept of sustainable design, they take full advantage of and 

 redesign the leftover fabrics to bring them back to life. In this way, they are used in more possible and sustainable ways. 

 Traditional handicrafts are gradually fading away, but we designers hope to shake off this mindset and steer our consumer groups into the appreciation of its unique beauty.